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itsa comin along

This ones gonna be a mission

phoooooooo. this is gonna take ages to ink
its 3500x4500 pixels, 300dpi.
I might make a video of me inking/colouring it.

its for that competition on dA to win a wacom intuos 4. I probably won't even place, but what the hey!!
It might do okay cos theres a nude boobie though. LOL.

Its pretty f'n cliche, but with a theme like goodvs evil... its hard not to be, yaknow?

Clearly I hate Myself

Panel of a comic that im doing for an album cover... i had free reign with it and I chose to tackle things I hate- perspective and buildings D:

Am I sick in the head or just trying to further myself? i dunno D:

massive ass sketchdump

D: so many scraps


I forgots all about you livejournal
From now on, I will be a better poster

I'll scan in some sketches today and post them up

What have I been up to? Well, i got a part time job, I still do commission work (doing an album sleeve and two comics for the commission work atm) and I've been writing my own comic, Art School Sub Rosa, of which I've now completed 50 pages D: *dies* i never thought I'd have such perserverance with anything, but writing it is too much fun :P

Day off today though, i need a rest to do my own thang

Creationism is Stupid

1- The environment inside a peanut butter jar is never going to change, there arent any whether cycles or eathquakes or anything going on in a peanut butter jar
2- there is no introduction of anything from the outside to cause the NEED for evolution
3- Evolution takes hundreds of thousands of years, or even millions :/ and that entire peanut butter jar probably wouldve rotted by then

What I would like for Chrimmass :D

a wacom intuos 6X 11 tablet www.elive.co.nz/view_product.php
I am sick to death of my one being a right bitch XD it goes all hexagonal if you draw to fast, sometimes the pressure senstivity turns off, and sometimes it lags :( and its not my computers fault cos i upgraded it to the max

The mighty book of boosh www.amazon.co.uk/Mighty-Book-Boosh-Julian-Barratt/dp/1847673228
I was going to buy this for myself just now but they dont take paypal :( crying in my heart

moar copic markers www.copicmarkers.com/storefrontprofiles/DeluxeSFItemDetail.aspx and multiliners www.copicmarkers.com/storefrontprofiles/DeluxeSFItemDetail.aspx

i will add things when i remember. this is pretty much just for me to refer family to when they ask what i want for chrimmas

Garfield Minus Garfiels

the best webcomic in all the world

My favorites are the ones where jon says stuff like "some days i wonder if anyone would notic if I was gone"


Hes so much more manly than my last picture XD